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Off the success of her daughters High-school soccer winnings, Arvin ‘Soccer Mom’ spends it all on Juicy Couture and bootleg Louis Vuitton.

13 recycled elements hoodie features zip-off sherpa hood, ‘Soccer Mom’ neck embroidery, bootleg Louis Vuitton embellishment, Arvin High’ varsity jacket rib, left elbow pocket, 1960’s referee sleeve, and found back screen printed soccer action shot.


Made by Deaton.

*Purchasing notice; This 1/1 piece as pictured has sold. With purchase, buyer receives new 1/1 piece inspired from SOCCER MOM S. Dependent on recycled materials available. Size and colors subject to change. None pieces are re-created. Everything made to order.~

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SOCCER MOM TOP (rough 02).jpg
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