Deaton Chris Anthony is a Los Angeles based multi-media artist and aspiring R&B musician. His creative process and products span across various mediums including clothing, music, video, rugs, graphic design, and more.


“I sample clothes like I sample music,” says the L.A based artist. “I take something old and outdated, I widen it, I add new colors to it and restructure it to make it feel new. Making clothes has always been necessary for me. I make clothes so I can make music and I wear my music.”

His upcoming debut album BO Y radiates the same kind of style and grace that a sparkling outfit would and the autonomous and entrepreneurial spirit of Anthony’s artistic ethos is also apparent in the distinct approach of the record - it feels unique and bespoke. However, the album is also loaded with guests - such as UMI, Clairo, Omar Apollo and Korbin in Orbit - and this sense of collaboration is equally central for Anthony in his creative endeavors. “Music is most fun for me when I make it with my friends,” he says. “Each guest appearance on BO Y adds flavor to what the album represents as a whole.” Music and clothing are one for Deaton - a hybrid that Deaton has cemented as a consistent point of influence for his upcoming projects.